Our company is active and specializes exclusively in Architectural Lighting of any time of interior and exterior venue. We have the technical know-how and experience in order to be of best service according to your needs.

First of all we start off by informing our planning team on the parameters and demands of your project. We focus on  the sense of size of the venue and also study the plans, take photos and measurements.

Following that, comes Architectural planning of light. We present you our suggestions in detail concerning technical and economic features.

Photometer planning is next in order to estimate the best saving of energy with a comparative table of prices and consumption of the lights and all models of them that can be used.


Management and applications of light installation and supervision according to the size and schedule of its realization ensuring that the lighting of the project is along with what was planned. Planning suggestions using “smart systems of lighting control and grouping, in cooperation with the planning team and the installation gang.
Photo realism with planning and presentation of he three dimensional depictions.

Nowadays, due to the fact that the cost of energy is increasing, scientists are looking for ways of decreasing the consumption of energy.


therefore a great number of scientific fields are searching for improvements in the technology of light. The main aim is for them to consume less energy, be eco friendly and up to date with the times. This can be achieved by using light emitting diodes, in other words LEDS.