Fotoskiasis was established in 1990. Our company made its first steps designing lighting on Greek and international music scenes where well-known artists performed.
Our passion for the layout of colors on scenes was the reason to expand our knowledge on lighting. After years if experience in this field we pioneered in architectural and theatrical lighting in Greece.

We also specialize in lighting design of interior and exterior venues and buildings such as hotels, companies, cafes, chain stores, restaurants, complexes, homes and all kinds of music performance on stage.


When light is Art …

Lights can turn the atmosphere of an empty space or a venue into a warm one, according to ones personality customized to every requirement. Good lighting turns a dull environment into a pleased one.

It should combine aesthetics, technology, tranquility, harmony and beauty in all environments.

Our goal is to find ideal solutions for all environments, add our touches and complete the comfort and beauty of a place.

We plan and create for you.


Light is a magical gift. From the rays of the sun there was the beginning of life. All creatures such as men live under the “light”.


Green lighting

Protecting nature and man is a very important issue nowadays.

Fotoskiasis uses LED and Rechargeable lights with solar energy. These updated architectural lighting systems are the evolution in such technology based on Green lighting.

Our main objective is Green lighting to be used and applied here in Greece. At the same time we care for and protect the future of our planet.

“Acting on the nature and varying the man and simultaneously alter the nature.”


The FOTOSKIASIS activated by studying architectural lighting as the main basis of savings in electricity, the LED-LEDs and rechargeable lights with solar energy. Constantly updated on the evolution of lighting technology based systems give Green Lighting. Its main objective is to thrive and be applied here in Greece. The FOTOSKIASIS supports its own direct manner and protect the environment and concerned about the future of our planet.